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Precision Digital Controls, LLC of Vermont specializes in Automated DDC Controls for Web-based HVAC Energy Management Systems in the New England Area.  We have 20 years of experience installing and servicing automated digital controls systems for commercial properties.  We currently use ASI Controls, LEED certified and Energy Efficient certified hardware and software to support energy-efficient buildings in today's complex control environments.  Precision Digital Controls works in liaison with engineering firms and customers to provide the most cost-effective energy management solutions. In today's economy, the direct correlation between saving energy usage and saving costs is greater. Whether your existing control systems are running at their maximum potential or you plan to begin a cost analysis for a new system, we are here to support you and your buisness or orgainzation with energy management solutions.


We Specialize In:

  • Energy Management solutions for Schools and Commercial Building Facilities.
  • Troubleshooting HVAC Control Systems.
  • Working with our Customers for cost effective strategies for energy efficiency.
  • Superior Installation, Service and Maintenance.

We Service:

  • ASI Controls
  • Automated Logic
  • Control-Pak
  • Pneumatic Control Systems

ASI Weblink graphics software for internet browsing


Current Project                             The Center for Discovery
                                                Autism Campus in Harris, NY
Project Completed
August 2009

Center for Discovery

The Center for Discovery in New York is a private school that offers educational programs for the disabled.  The Autism Campus is expanding to provide residential housing and community buildings for their residents.

Center for Discovery Dormitories

Currently 9 dormitory housing units and 3 community centers for the Autism Campus are under construction. ASI Controls have been installed for energy optimization management.  All buildings are connected through a local intranet and allow remote operations by facility management for monitoring the heating and ventilation systems for each building.

ASI Weblink and Visual Expert Software

Custom view screen showing real-time data from sensors, controllers, fans, etc.
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ASI WebLink is the web based interface for ASI Controls Systems, delivering real-time system data to your browser. Connects to OPC Servers from other control manufacturers and ODBC data sources to deliver true interoperability.

Graphic configuration screens for web-browsing
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Create web browser screens to show real-time data. Log trend data, gragh it in Weblink, export data to Excel.

Visual Expert Software simplifies control sequence programming
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ASI Visual Expert configures ASI Controls systems, providing drag and drop graphical editing of control sequences. Displays real-time system data in custom web browser screens.

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