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Precision Digital Controls, LLC  Sells, Installs and Services ASI Digital Controls Systems for Energy Management for HVAC Controls in Building Facilities.  Below are links for information on the ASIC-2 Configurable Controllers that provide energy opitmzation and savings.

Configurable ethernet ready digital controller

The ASIC/2-7540 is the most powerful, flexible and I/O capable controller in the ASI Control Line. Suitable for controlling of large equipment including Air Handlers, Rooftops, Multi-Zones, Chillers, Cooling Towers, and Boilers. Applications include standalone control of small buildings, networked controls of larger facilities, and supervising networks of ASIC/1 zone controllers. Support for Modbus, acting as Modbus RTU master on the local bus.
  • USB, RS-485, and RS-232 connections
  • Ethernet connectivity using off the shelf USB-to-Ethernet Converters
  • 16 Universal Inputs (multiplex to 64)
  • 12 Binary + 8 Analog Outputs
  • Can act as Modbus RTU Master on Local Bus

Supervisory digital configurable controller, supports modbus

The ASIC/2-8540 is a powerful configurable controller for application where I/O count does not require an ASIC/2-7540. Handles automation needs for small facilities, controlling devices, supervisory duties, multi-zone and other applications.
  • Optional onboard Ethernet connectivity through ETH-8540 plugin module
  • 8 Universal inputs (multiplex to 32)
  • 8 Binary + 4 Analog outputs
  • RS-485 and RS-232 connectivity
  • Onboard clock, battery, configuration preserved during power loss
  • Can act as Modbus RTU Master on local bus


System interface and network controller

The SINC/3-3000 system interface and network controller is intended where a controller is required for communications, polling or other supervisory duties but no I/O points are required. Suitable for all ASIC/2 applications.
  • Ethernet ready, with (4) RS-485, and (2) RS-232 Connections. Power, Tx and Rx LEDs provide status
  • Supports network polling, remote point passing, and alarm/event dial-out