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Precision Digital Controls sells and installs the ASIC/1 family of preprogrammed controllers for HVAC management. They have built in control sequences to cover most equipment configurations, and optional features to extend control to cover common applications.

Pre-programmed VAV Controller with integrated actuator

The ASIC/1-6000 pre-programmed digital controller is an integrated VAV controller and actuator.  Suitable for pressure-independent of pressure-dependent applications, can be used with electric heat, hot water valve reheat, and fan powered boxes.

  • Integrated damper actuator, onboard calibrated airflow sensor
  • Lighting control, variable user adjust, trending, afterhours overide, auto-changeover...

ASIC/1-6000-PD - For Pressure-Dependent applications, integrated damper actuator.
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ASIC/1-6000-MB - For Pressure-Independent applications, no actuator, onboard calibrated airflow sensor, metal base.
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ASIC/1-6000-MB-PD - For Pressure-Dependent applications, no actuator, mounted on metal base.
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Pre-programmed DDC Controller for Air Condtioning Units and Heat Pumps

The ASIC/1-8655 pre-programmed digital rooftop controller can be used to control heat pumps or packaged A/C units with up to four stages of cooling, two stages of heating, and one additional auxiliary stage.  Controls economizer position based on mixed or discharge air tempertaure, or CO2 level and other applications.

  • 8 inputs, 8 binary outputs, 2 analog outputs
  • Compatible with WS-0x1 wall sensors


Dual Duct VAV Tracking Controller

The ASIC/1-8800 is a pre-programmed communicating digital controller for the control of pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV), Fan Powered VAV, Dual Duct and Volume tracking terminal units.

  • 8 inputs, 8 binary outputs, 2 analog outputs
  • Compatible with WS-051 digital wall sensors