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Precision Digital Controls installs ASI software on your PC which works through your facilities network with remote operations off site through Internet Explorer.  We have found it to be user friendly for facility and building personel who want to monitor and decrease their energy cost through occupied /unoccupied schedules and various setpoint data available.

Weblink provides remote monitoring and controls in a web-browser with real-time view of control data

ASI WebLink is the web based interface for ASI control systems, delivering real-time system data to your browser. WebLink, an OPC client, can connect to OPC Servers from other control manufacturers and ODBC data sources to deliver true interoperability.  Unlimited point count; includes library of 3D animated HVAC graphics.

  • Create animated 3D browser screens showing real-time data for client, building staff, tenants
  • Log trend data, graph it in WebLink, export CSV data to Excel, read from ODBC data sources

Visual Expert is a graphical interface for configuring the entire line of ASI Controls

ASI Visual Expert configures ASI Controls systems, providing intuitive drag and drop graphical editing of control sequences. Displays real-time system data in custom web browser screens.



  • Document your control sequence diagrams in HTML with a click, and submit
  • Easily create control sequences by assembling pre-built objects on screen


OPC Server connects standard windows applications with full line of ASI Control products

ASI OPC Server delivers interoperability between ASI Controls systems and any OPC enabled software. Use OPC to connect ASI systems with other manufacturer's OPC enable devices or networks.
  • Enables use of any OPC interface front end on ASI Controls systems
  • Over five years of field proven performance and reliability

Alarm and Event Monitoring with automated notification delivery

ASI Monitor provides alarm and event monitoring, and automated notification to an individual or group by numeric pager, cell phone, or email.

  • Integrate into WebLink internet solutions, or deploy standalone with modem
  • Automated delivery of alarms and events

ASI ZoneDial enables web or telephone-based after-hours for tenant billing and invoicing

ASI ZoneDial software provides a web and/or telephone interface for requesting after-hours overrides from ASI Control systems. Control after-hours building energy use for HVAC and/or lighting services, with detailed tracking of every user override request. Generate detailed invoices formatted for mailing.

  • Simple, convient web-based tenant/user management and invoicing
  • Schedule recurring overrides months or years ahead; supports holiday schedules
  • Downloadable CSV invoice data; ODBC-compatible database format
  • Tenants can optionally be enabled to administer their user logins, preview own invoices

MobileXpert provides a system interface on windows mobile devices for diagnostics and limited and limited configuration

ASI MobileXpert provides a fully functional configuration and diagnosis front end interface for ASI Control systems in a Windows_CE powered PDA device. Comes with pre-built screens for all ASI devices.


  • Simplifies commissioing by providing rich, portable interface
  • Create new MobileXpert screens on your PC with a simple drag-and-drop editor